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Shavarska design

it’s about a House of one family that unites generations. It’s about Your unique inner world, which is reflected in the interior. It's about the way to reach the real comfort which we take together. For 7 years in a row we have been doing what we love and love what we have created. We’re proud of our achievements - over 120 realized projects and much more happy clients.



Here we design a free space - where you can run barefoot on the grass, where you can jump in the water, where you curl like a kitten in a hammock, where children laugh, play, and run with a dog…



Our work is always about great love and awe. And we want everyone who comes to us to feel it through the prism of our creations. Here we try to build an ideal world for you, which is always cozy and warm. Our goal is to make it not perfect, but REAL, where you can just be YOURSELF!

Shavarsʹka Olʹa

Founder, designer

Demedyuk Vitaliy


Kostiv Oksana

Chief designer

Fetsych Maksym


Bryhadyr Khrystyna


Kuzʹmak Andriy


Boyko Tetyana


Iryna Samotyuk


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